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As our tech development has progressed we've begun to share weekly updates on Reddit, alternating between Plasma and eWallet. We want to share these updates with you as well, so we'll be compiling those updates as well as any other recent news into a bi-weekly newsletter.

Plasma News

Following the release of our Tesuji Plasma repo, we shared progress on Plasma research progress as well as notes from the most recent Plasma implementers' call. What follows is an abridged version; you can find the full post, comment or ask questions here.

Fast Withdrawals for Faulty Plasma Chains

Fast Withdrawals make it easier for users of the OMG network to quickly withdraw their funds. Our original fast withdrawal design assumes a properly functioning Plasma chain, which doesn’t work if the chain goes bad. We developed a new mechanism that still works if the Plasma chain is faulty - read more here.

Finalizing MoreVP

We just finalized most of our documentation around More Viable Plasma, which will serve as a reference for public examination and feedback. The MoreVP smart contracts are currently being pulled into our production repo.

Robust Exit Challenges

We took a deeper dive into economic details and pointed out a few concerns with the economics of Plasma challenges, but concluded they probably weren’t an issue in practice. We’re working on a few mitigations anyway and will publish our thoughts.


We recently added some content for the Plasma MVP page. Comparison charts between the different Plasma designs and the different L2 scaling methods are in the works and coming soon! If you ever want to see specific content on the website, please make an issue on the GitHub here.

OMG Network Repo is Now Public

Our elixir-omg repo is the repository for an early alpha release of the Tesuji Plasma milestone. The repo contains instructions to download the child chain server and watcher (software which monitors the behavior of the Plasma chain and root chain), either for research or just for fun (NOT for production). See our announcement blog post and Readme for more details.


We’re in a good spot to grow the team and set us up for the next set of challenges. Check out our job postings if you think you’d be a good fit!

Plasma Research Coordination

Recently, we’ve been working hard to coordinate and collaborate on research with teams working on other Plasma projects. A few researchers recently got together in NYC and hacked away at some hard Plasma projects, including a Plasma Debit specification and aggregating Plasma chains to decrease cost for operators. 

eWallet News

The eWallet team is chugging away on adding new features and building sample apps to demonstrate the capabilities of the eWallet, and preparing for a Plasma and SDK workshop on September 11 at Neutrino Shanghai. Abridged update below, full post here.

Recent changes

  • Standalone eWallet (#401): allows an eWallet provider to set up and use the eWallet without the need to integrate with an existing server-side application
  • Allow tokens and wallets to be disabled (#443). This allows a provider to, for example, disable a wallet associated with an account that has been closed by the user without having to delete its history. This applies *only* in cases where users choose to grant custody of wallets/keys to the provider.
  • Fix warnings that came with Elixir 1.7.0 (#444):
  • Advanced filtering (#440): allows for more complex searches by adding additional filters such as equal/not equal and less than/greater than.
  • Setup troubleshooting guide (#438)
  • Credo upgrade. Thanks to dsdshcym! (#433)
  • Client Point Of Sale iOS app and Merchant Point Of Sale Android app are now usable
  • Small update to the Blockchain integration OIP following internal feedback (

You can also follow progress on the eWallet Waffle board.

That's all for now - see you in two weeks! 

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